Call for Contributions - Workshop: "Breaking Up With Online Dating"


im Rahmen der #YouthMediaLife 2021 Konferenz. Die primäre Zielsetzung dieses Workshops ist es, Forscher und Praktiker zusammenzubringen, die sich mit Online-Dating als sozialer Praxis und Gegenstand des technologischen Wandels beschäftigen. Geplantes Ergebnis ist eine multidisziplinäre Forschungsagenda zu Online Dating und die Bildung einer Arbeitsgruppe für die weitere Zusammenarbeit.

Call for Contributions:

Breaking Up With Online Dating - Let's establish a multi-disciplinary research agenda on the tech-mediated pursuit of human intimacy

Workshop at the International Conference #YouthMediaLife 2021, at the University of Vienna, Austria


C. Löw & A. Rafetseder (University of Vienna, Faculty ofComputer Science), R. Rothmann (Research Institute AG & Co KG)

Scope of the Workshop:

The main motivation of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working on Online Dating as a social practice and subject of technological transformation. Its planned outcome is a  multi-disciplinary research agenda on Online Dating and the formation of a working group for further collaboration.
To register for participation, please submit a short position statement of approximately 300 words: Characterize (inter)disciplinary research challenges, potential and problematic aspects of Online Dating from your point of view.

During the workshop, we aim to critically reflect and analyse the socio-technical interplay of digital dating tools and the human pursuit
of romantic relationships, intimacy and sexuality. We plan to discuss how core humanistic values and ideas of human dignity can serve as points of reference in respect to change in this innermost private and vulnerable personal sphere.
We invite the full plurality of (inter-)disciplinary perspectives concerned with Online Dating; topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Transformation of human intimacy, (e.g. formation of) intimate relationships, attachment, social practices, driven by Online Dating
  • Coming-of-age in the era of Online Dating
  • Human Computer Interaction: User-centered design and evaluation of Online Dating platforms, social media practice and design.
  • Interface and Interaction Design of Online Dating platforms.
  • Gender Studies: Queer identities and Online Dating platforms, structural inequality perpetuated by Online Dating platforms, Sociology of love, sociology of technology, youth media cultures and human intimacy, mediation of human intimacy through Online Dating platforms
  • Online Dating practice and mental health
  • Online Dating as an instance of Digital Humanism
  • Methodological approaches to capturing usage practice and engage in technology assessment at the intersection of Online Dating platforms and human love and intimacy

Workshop Outcome:

The proposed outcome of this workshop is a collection of submitted
position statements, a research agenda of related challenges in multiple
disciplines, and suggestions for future collaboration and development in
the reflection of technology-mediated intimacy.

The position statements and research agenda will be collated and
published at the YML conference website.


To prepare the workshop timetable and group formation, we ask interested
participants for short written position statements of about 300 words,
touching on the following thought-provoking questions:

  • Which challenges and/or opportunities exist in online dating from your professional point of view?
  • What idealistic futures for intimate technology in the 21st century do you envision?
  • What constitutes successful interdisciplinary work around this topic from your own scientific point of view?

Submit your position statement via e-mail to:

Important Dates:

* Submission of position statements by 10.03.2021, 23:00 CET
* Workshop: 30.03.2021, 18:00-19:30 CET
* Conference: 29.03.-01.04.2021

Further Information:

* Workshop website:
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