ECML-PKDD 2023: chair and three accepted papers

Claudia Plant (PC) and Yllka Velaj (PhD Forum) serve as chairs of ECML-PKDD. Moreover, three research papers from our group have been accepted (acceptance rate: 24%)

Claudia Plant serves as PC-Chair of the ECML-PKDD conference together with Danai Koutra from University of Michigan, USA and Manuel Gomez-Rodriguez from Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, Germany. Yllka Velaj serves as PhD Forum Chair together with Matteo Riondato from Amherst College, USA.

Three research papers from our group have been accepted for presentation at the main conference (acceptance rate: 24%):

  • "Posterior Consistency for Missing Data in Variational Autoencoders" by Timur Sudak and Sebastian Tschiatschek
  • "k-SubMix:Common Subspace Clustering on Mixed-Type Data" by Mauritius Klein (LMU Munich), Collin Leiber (LMU Munich) and Christian Böhm
  • "Learning with Noisy Labels by Adaptive Gradient-Based Outlier Removal" by Anastasiia Sedova, Lena Zellinger and Benjamin Roth