Recognition of examinations - information and guidance

Academic performances from other universities or from degree programmes other than Computer Science can be recognised, if there are no significant differences in the skills acquired (learning outcomes).

  • The recognition of examinations and other achievments already completed before the admission must be applied for by the end of the second semester at the latest.
  • The directorate of studies that offers the respective extension curriculum (EC) is responsible for the recognition of achievements in an EC. Exception: The recognition of an EC that has already been completed in another degree programme for an SPL 5 degree programme is carried out by the SSC Computer Science.
  • The recognition of Diploma and Master theses is no longer possible since 01.01.2011 (Art. 1, § 85, BGBl zum Universitätsrechts-Änderungsgesetz 2009 Punkt 146 Abs. 19).

 Information in regard to Teacher Education Programmes

If you study in the Teacher Education programme and have completed courses using a different degree programme code (“Studienkennzahl”) , i.e. using the code of the other teaching subject or the code 190), an application for the recognition of examinations is not required.

In these cases, please contact the respective department in order to correct the programme codes of your academic performances. For the corrections of programme codes in courses held by the Faculty of Computer Science (i.e. courses starting with number 05…), please contact the » StudiesServiceCentre Computer Science.

Submit application for recognition of examinations

If you have questions in regard to the accreditation or equivalence of your academic performances, please...

» contact the Directorate of Studies (SPL, Studienprogrammleiter) of your degree programme.

In accordance with the Directorate of Studies, submit your completed form in order to issue the official notice of the recognition of exams.

You may submit the form:

  • personally in the StudiesServiceCentre
  • via email (if online verified certificates are available)
  • via u:space (only possible for academic performances that are listed in u:space)

Submission:» StudiesServiceCentre
Form:Application for the recognition of examination (Ansuchen um Anerkennung) [PDF]
Attachments/Supporting Documents:Information Sheet Supporting Documents (certificates) / Informationsblatt Nachweise [PDF]
(Zeugnis/se bzw. Erfolgsnachweis/e - Originale) 
Max. duration: 2 months (lt. § 78, Abs. 8 UG 2002)
Notification: via email