Mentoring Program of the Faculty of Computer Science

The mentoring program is a free and voluntary offer of the Faculty of Computer Science for new students.

The mentoring program aims to make it easier for new students to start studying computer science. In the first semester, students (mentors) - who have already successfully completed the introductory phase - accompany and support first-year students (mentees) in small groups through their experience.

The mentors support their mentees with advice on organizational hurdles and orientation difficulties. Especially with regard to the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 and the associated home-learning. The mentoring program also takes into account the topics on gender and diversity.

 How do I become a mentee?

The » Registration for the mentoring program is done online at the beginning of the semester - either via » Registration tool or via » Mail. Subsequent applications can also be made during the semester.

 How do I become a mentor*?

The Faculty of Computer Science has its own training program for mentors. The course led by Prof. Renate Motschnig should enable mentors to,

  • to conduct and reflect on beneficial discussions,
  • to convey the essential dimensions of diversity,
  • guide mentees to find their way around without having to perform the tasks for them,
  • to promote community building among first-year students,
  • to actively and self-organized respond to first-year students.

For the registration to the course a short preliminary discussion (by Skype) is obligatory additionally to the registration on » u:find. Please contact Eric Disson, the coordinator of the mentoring program, at mentoring.informatik(at)

From the listed course dates in » u:find only a few will be selected after consultation with the students. If necessary, the dates can be postponed or changed to block events.

A successfully completed course earns the participants 3 ECTS points, which are credited in the free subject. At the end of the semester, the Faculty of Computer Science will also issue a certificate of achievement in the area of soft skills.