Vienna Biocenter Climate Lecture: "Energy and water consumption in IT" | 3. August, 16:00, via Zoom


Die Erfassung und Analyse riesiger Datenmengen nimmt in allen Wissenschaften zu. Wie können wir den CO2-Fußabdruck unserer Datenverarbeitung messen und so gering wie möglich halten? David Mytton (Co-founder von console) spricht dazu in der kommenden Vienna Biocenter Climate Lecture "Energy and water consumption in IT - How to reach sustainability in computing" am 3. August um 16:00 via Zoom.

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Meeting ID: 344 269 4176
Passcode: 807020


Über David Mytton
David Mytton is an expert on the environmental impact of using IT Systems and will concentrate the role of Cloud Computing, discuss the energy and water consumption of data centers. Data centers account for 1% of the global energy demand  - whether this is increasing or not is the subject of some controversy, to be discussed in this talk.
David is Co-founder of Console, which launched early-2021 to provide the best tools for developers. But also, a researcher in sustainable computing at Uptime Institute and affiliated with Imperial College London, where he completed an Environmental Technology MSc in 2020.
From 2009-2018, David was Co-founder at Server Density, a London-based SaaS infrastructure monitoring startup. Beside these activities he also published scientific papers about water consumption and green house gas emissions of Cloud Computing.
In his talk he will provide the background and show examples how we can improve our own footprint. Look forward seeing you all there and you can find more information on his blog