Doctoral programme at the University of Vienna

The doctoral programme of the Faculty of Computer Science offers graduates of Master programmes a more in-depth specialisation in one of the faculty's research areas. The UniVie Doctoral School Computer Science DoCS offers an attractive environment for doctoral studies. The aim of this programme is to enable students to independently develop the methodology of computer science and to implement this methodology in a targeted manner in both academic and non-academic settings. Translated with (free version)

Within the framework of this programme, students will attend a certain number of courses to learn about the current state of international research on the one hand, and become familiar with techniques of scientific research by participating in research groups on the other hand. In the course of this programme, students get an overview of current international research activities and projects and are thus introduced to scientific practice.

Even though the main focus of the doctoral programme is on independent scientific research and scientific practice by expanding their knowledge in the field of specialisation selected, doctoral candidates will additionally acquire further knowledge and skills which qualify them for management positions. The main skills acquired include independence, project-based work, self-organisation as well as documentation and presentation techniques.

Possible topics for dissertation

The Directorate of Studies (SPL) 50 is responsible for the following fields of doctoral research: Computer Science and Business Informatics.

  • Doctoral programme in Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences in the field of Natural Sciences with a dissertation on a topic in Computer Science (degree programme code A 786 880)
  • Doctoral programme in Business, Economics and Statistics with a dissertation on a topic in Business Informatics (degree programme code A 784 175)

The procedure and forms have been standardised throughout the university (» Download form performance overview). Support in all administrative matters is provided by the » Studies Service Center Computer Science (SSC Informatik).

General procedure

Starting in July 2009, the new doctoral programmes were established at the University of Vienna with a university-wide standardised procedure. All information on the procedure, curricula and legal framework as well as on the organisation and forms can be found here: