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Conceptualisation Tutorial 2013

A growing number of groups develop individual modelling-methods, in addition to existing standard ones for a variety of application domains. To support domain-specific modelling, dedicated tool-functionality like query, simulation or transformation is provided in order to process models in a domain-specific manner. Today's meta-modelling platforms provide capabilities for developing modelling tools based on domain specific modelling languages (DSML).

This tutorial (26.3. & 27.3., OMiLAB, Vienna) introduced the implementation of modelling-methods with the meta-modelling platform ADOxx and demonstrated the support provided by the Open Models Initiative.

Specific topics worked on during the tutorial were:

  • Introduction to Modelling Method development – focusing on the Conceptualisation Phase
  • Implementation of a Modelling Method – hands-on sessions using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform
  • Mechanisms and Algorithms for Modelling Methods – implementation using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform
  • Insights into possible deployment scenarios of ADOxx based modelling tools

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